Those of us who were born into the DOS era probably all used Norton Commander (NC), the famous blue-white two panel file manager. Of course, NC is long gone, but is has a clone called Midnight Commander or MC for sort, created by Miguel de Icaza. Let’s look at how can we install MC on Windows these days.

Options to install Midnight Commander Link to heading

These are the source from where we can install MC

  1. Winget (public preview)
  2. Chocolatey (directly)
  3. From Official Website

I let you do the installation (I used Winget).

Setting up the Terminal Link to heading

After the installation of MC, we need to add a new profile to Windows Terminal. Here is an example:

   "hidden": false,
   "name": "Midnight Commander",
   "commandline": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Midnight Commander\\mc.exe",
   "guid": "{47b22a91-371e-4029-8836-627c48a18575}",
   "tabTitle": "Midnight Commander",
   "icon": "C:\\Users\\SassDavid\\Pictures\\mc.icon.png"

And we are done.