MSDN blogs are back (UPDATED)

Microsoft has started to delete the blogs from MSDN. [UPDATE] 4/17/2019: Microsoft has restored the previously deactivated blogs. I suggest to save everything you find useful into OneNote and keep them forever!

Note from Twitter

Note from Twitter

ZDNET wrote an article about the planned clean-up the back in November of 2018:

But oddly this act was a surprise to some current and former MSFT employees: Why was my MSDN blog deleted?

This housecleaning from Microsoft hit me hard because for me sometimes MSDN was the savior especially because I work with SharePoint. I even help out people of different forums by using links to point to blog articles from MSDN as a reference.

What can we do to access what is left?

Some blogs were migrated to the Microsoft Tech Community portal, or they are still migrated, we just have to give some time to the search engines to crawl them. Some will keep their authors, some will become Anonymous post

And some will not make it 😥

As Ned mentioned in his post on twitter (in the picture above with the red mark around it), we can use the Internet Archive to access the deleted blogs and articles.

Actually, I’m in a process to export some of the blog posts using the OneNote Web Clipper Chrome extension to clip the articles and send them into my dedicated OneNote notebook.