Adding Users to Local Groups

I’ve been playing with the new SharePoint Server 2019 in the last couple of days and after I joined my new VM to the Domain I needed to add my SP_SETUP account to the local Administrators group but I didn’t want to log in with my Domain Admin to the server.

In the past we had to use the [ADSI] type accelerator to add a local or domain user to a Local Group.

But time pass and starting from PowerShell Version 5.1 there is an official module from Microsoft called Microsoft.PowerShell.LocalAccounts and we can use the Add-LocalGroupMember cmdlet as a simple #one-liner to achieve our task.

It works like a charm in Remote PowerShell Sessions as well.

Add-LocalGroupMember -Group "Administrators" -Member "Admin02", "MicrosoftAccount\", "AzureAD\", "CONTOSO\Domain Admins"