Microsoft Azure Compliance Manager

As you probably know Microsoft has a Service Trust Portal from where you can get the #Compliance related information for all Microsoft cloud cervices.

You can even download the Security and Compliance Blueprints

Compliance Manager

One of the most helpful offering of the Service Trust Portal is the Compliance Manager, a workflow-based risk assessment tool in which you can get a good overview of your Compliance score which will reflect on how Microsoft understood the different regulations/certifications and the controls required to meet the requirements of these.

You can find more information in the official documentation, like 48+ minutes to read more information.

As you can see on the bellow picture there are built in assessments in which there are controls managed by Microsoft and controls which are your responsibility as the customer:

Compliance Manager Dashboard

How to use the Compliance Manager

Because Compliance Manager is a Risk Assessment tool, you can work with the existing assessments and you can create new ones as well. The permission model of the portal offers different roles to manage who can access the portal and what actions they can perform:

Role Based Access Control of a Compliance Manager Portal

Now lets take a closer look into one of the built in assessments.

Azure - GDPR

This is the overview of the Azure - GDPR assessment. On picture you can see the services included. I highlighted those I'm using or used in the past

Details of Azure GDPR Assessment 

When you open down the Customer Managed controls there are a couple of categories in which you can find the individual controls grouped together

List of Customer Managed Controls

I'm going to open one of them from the Data protection by design and by default category to show the details, this one is called Transmission controls

As you can see there are a couple of interesting sections here:

  • The details of the matching articles from GDPR
  • Customer actions, written with simple English which is my personal favorite part
  • Options to assign the control to a responsible person and manage the lifecycle
  • Text boxes to put the implementation details of the control
Transmission control


I'm not a certified compliance officer that's true, but I think I can try to provide a summary As-Is, and I suggest to consult with a lawyer before you make any implementation decisions

The GDPR Assessment related to Azure is an overall assessment. I believe if you start implementing different application hosted on Azure you'll need to create new assessments for each and every one of those applications and it doesn't matter if they're in-house developed apps or a 3rd party Vendor's cloud based offering. If you get an audit you'll need to provide the evidence of the paperwork you did to comply with the regulations.
I suggest to use the Compliance Manager as a single location to store all you're risk assessments especially if they're related to the Microsoft Cloud.

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