My name is David Sass and this is my professional blog.

I spent the all my career around Microsoft technologies, mostly with SharePoint Server. I was a one man Stable team for a couple of years. - Why? Because the Hungarian companies sometimes like to put everything on one man especially when there is not enough IT Professional on the market.

During those years I managed to meet all kinds of challenges in the SharePoint space - we all know the developers and the crazy expectations of the project managers, right? - and I was usually Quality Assured by Microsoft just to push me more to focus on the details.

I managed to pass 12 Microsoft exams and I hold two MCSE certificates. There was a time when I was an MCT but not any more. These days I don’t focus on certificates instead I’m trying to give back to the community.

The reason behind this blog was nothing more most to create a publishing platform for myself.

You might wonder what Kolis means. This is a Hungarian word and it means someone who lives or lived in a dormitory. Probably the English word is Dormer. I was a Network Administrator in the same Dormitory where I lived during my studies.