SharePoint 2013 - May 2018 CU

After installing the May 2018 CU on my SharePoint Server 2013 Developer box I was expecting to see the official Build Number 15.0.5031.1001 but I got something else as a result: Build Version with PowerShell

Weird. 15.0.5023.1000 is the Build Number of the April 2018 CU.

I was thinking

  • Have I installed the correct CU?
  • I did, it was the ubersrv2013-kb4018397-fullfile-x64-glb.exe
  • Lets check the Central Admin
  • The same version number:

Build Version on the Central Admin

OK. I have seen some weird stuff with SharePoint during these last years.

Finally I have found the correct Build Numbers on the Chech product and patch installation status page:

Patch Status page